“I’ve seen such a change in my grandson, I wanted to see how I could benefit. The experience is eye-opening and the new ease from simple movements is amazing.”


“I use it all the time with all my clients! It can make the difference for improvement.”

E. Keith

“My girlfriend asks every morning to have it done to her. She says she is more in tune with her body!”

C. Murphy

“Change in body tensions & effects on accepting new information; Noticed the power of child/person choosing exercises versus being directed to do something clinician wants.”

J Perigord

“I am able to write better. My posture has improved, my motor patterns are more fluid. My everything is better or starting to improve. What I must say is I am astonished at the effect it has. I cannot tell you how good my movements have become and how my vision has improved, nothing hurts on me anymore, and I am actually toning my muscles. My balance has, as well become much better.”

C. Murphy

“I felt how my body reacted so promptly & positively in such a small time. It made me more aware of how my movements could transform me…and how much more energized I felt (in spite of bad allergies!).”

G. Guimaraes

“Great class. Had fun! Knowledgeable about all aspects of reflex integration, movement & trauma.”

S. Shine

“Janet was excellent to learn from as instructor, so knowledgeable, so respectful of others in the class and so willing to answer all questions.”


“Janet is positive, open minded, very helpful in developing critical observing and thinking skills.  I appreciate Janet’s expertise & knowledge.”

S. Myer