Why JOM?

Because at JOM we have put in the time to pass along comprehensive knowledge and practice in order to ensure that you leave thinking better, feeling better and living better.

Janet Olney McDonald, M.Ed., LMT, CH has a true passion for each and every person she gets the distinct pleasure of coming into contact with and you know it from the moment you are in her presence. Janet’s unique training is apparent and her keen ability to identify your needs is spot on.

Jin Shin Jyutsu (Japanese Acupressure)

Janet has been a Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) Practitioner since 2004 and an Instructor of JSJ Self-Help since 2006. She provides instruction, demonstration and application practice of this easy to learn self-help acupressure system in customized series of duration or focus, as requested JSJ is also used in many medical settings for pre-, post-, and concurrent complimentary treatment. www.jsjinc.net

Licensed Massage Therapist

Janet offers parents courses in infant massage, special needs infant massage, pediatric or toddler massage, and neuromuscular massage, facial massage, and tactile integration massage for teens and adults, for individuals or small groups.



Rhythmic Movement Training

An RMTi instructor since 2012, Janet offers a variety of RMTi courses for reflex development and integration.

Essentials of RMTi, is open to all adults and teens, offering a 3 hour introduction to nervous system development concepts, a few simple movements and their impact on development.

 Rhythm, Movement and Play is a 1 or 2 day course for preschool staff sharing ways to specifically develop primary and life-long reflexes through various playful activities suited for this age group.

RMTi for School Readiness is a 2 day course with expanded information on nervous system development for successful academic interactions for 4 & 5 year olds, simple observational evaluations, and movements & activities to playfully develop essential nervous system networks for learning success in school.

Level 1 RMTi for Focus, Organization & Comprehension covers importance of development of several foundational primary reflexes for impulse control, balance, learning, stamina and coordination, and is a 16 hour course.

Level 2 RMTi for Emotions, Memory, & Behavior is an 8 hour course focusing on protective reflexive responses and Moro primitive reflex for development of sensory integration and social/emotional maturity.

Level 3  RMTi for Reading & Writing addresses the near-point and life-long reflexes, their coordination and complementary development and refinement necessary for successful near point functioning in activities like reading and writing.

For additional information visit  www.rhythmicmovement.com