Janet Olney McDonald, M.Ed., LMT, CH, an educator for over 40 years, offers her services as a Neurodevelopmental Therapist & Instructor.


She has done extensive training and work in the fields of

human development & reflex integration,

the physiology of learning,

&  therapeutic techniques for best function and health.

From broad exposure to various techniques, she only uses the most efficient ones that effectively facilitate and enhance learning and performing for all populations, infants through seniors.


Janet engages and empowers each client by:

 Ensuring all interactions anchor on effective instructional and growth mindset approaches.


Using the language of the body for best nervous system development by way of

Rhythmic Movement Training® procedures for movement & sensory development

Jin Shin Jyutsu acupressure for best physiology

&  Bal-A-Vis-X patterning for complex development & integration


 Addressing specific needs with Therapeutic Massage techniques including:

Structural Energetic Therapy  ~  Zero Balancing ~ CranioSacral

Educational (Brain Gym®) & Specialized Kinesiology

MNRI procedures


Balancing emotional needs with: The Emotion Code ~ QWL ~ Hypnosis methods


Facilitating optimally effective services through coordinating treatment programs and

collaborating with a client’s team that may include:

developmental optometrists ~ osteopaths ~ pediatricians ~ speech pathologists

physical, occupational or craniosacral therapists & all educators


Each Client’s Best Health and Success is central to all Janet offers.

Educational Kinesiology: Consultant and Brain Gym 101 Instructor since 2000. Accumulated more than 1,300 hours of training; Instructed over one hundred adults in Brain Gym 101, many of whom went on to become Brain Gym consultants; created specialized programs for schools for professional trainings and for student improvement projects (over 3,000 students); uses in private consultations. www.braingym.org

Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration Method: Core Specialist (2006-12), Instructor of Tactile and Neurostructural Techniques for English speaking associates in Poland (2008) and MNRI Tactile Integration and MNRI Facial Reflexes Integration ( 2009-12); participated in 12 MNRI Family Conferences in USA, Canada, & Poland; assisted with manuals and print materials; uses in professional workshops and private consultations; more than 5,000 hours of training, application, & teaching(2004-2012). www.masgutovamethod.com

Rhythmic Movement Training: Instructor since 2012 (RMTi Levels 1, 2, 3, Introduction to RMT, Rhythm, Movement and Play, RMT & School Readiness); more than 4,000 hours of training and application; uses in professional workshops and individual and family consultations. www.rhythmicmovement.com

Jin Shin Jyutsu (Japanese Acupressure): Practitioner (2004); Instructor of JSJ Self-Help (2006); participated in more than 1,200 hours of training and application; uses in professional workshops and individual and animal consultations. www.jsjinc.net

Licensed Massage Therapist (MA64436) since 2011; specializing in stress release, neuromuscular, infant, pediatric, and special needs populations massage; more than 4,000 hours of training and application. www.abmp.com

Emotion Code: Practitioner (2013): 700+ hours of training and application. www.emotioncode.com