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Janet knows we are all hard-wired for unlimited potential!  She can help you achieve yours!

Sharing techniques that tap into the innate language of the body to increase ease and balance for best development, health and function, Janet supports clients to reach their personal goals for improved physical, emotional and mental function, balance and success.

Janet specializes in serving private clients, such as:

  • infants and children with development, functioning or learning challenges
  • teens & adults with functional, emotional, or memory challenges.


Janet teaches courses for adults in neurodevelopmental movements and reflex integration    through several Rhythmic Movement Training courses  and personal wellness and balance through Self-Help Jin Shin Jyutsu courses.

Add a bit of joy to your life for


JOM’s services are catered to your specific needs.

Every client is unique and Janet has always recognized and celebrated that.  No matter what label or concern brought you here today, your relationship with it isn’t the same as another person’s with that same label.  Janet invites you to explore more about the therapeutic techniques and venues for learning what JOM has to offer to…

Create More JOY in Your Life!

Honoring touch is essential for developing & nurturing healthy people.

Specializing in stress release, reflex integration, neuromuscular, infant, pediatric, and special needs massage, Janet Olney McDonald has more than 5,000 hours of training and application. She has been an MNRI© core specialist, (2005-11), an international instructor (Facial and Tactile Reflexes Integration), and is a Licensed Massage Therapist (MA 64436) in Florida since 2011.

Some of the specialized techniques and orientations she has found to be highly efficient and effective, in addition to therapeutic massage, are from Specialized Kinesiology, Educational Kinesiology©, Jin Shin Jyutsu©, Zero Balancing©,
Structural Energetic Therapy©, Tellington TTouch©, QRI©, HANDLE©, and Quantum Touch©.

She offers massage for foundational development, reflexes integration, stress release, neurostructural organization, tactile reflexes integration, and facial reflexes integration
for infants, toddlers, children, special needs teens, Moms-to-be, and seniors.

The “what” and the “way” you think matters!

While addressing physical needs via massage begins to balance a client’s emotional and cognitive needs, Janet incorporates additional techniques that strengthen mental & emotional development to support all that a person is.  The newly coined science of Epigenetics or the positive orientation of “growth mindset” have always been the modus operandi Janet incorporates into all of her client contacts.  Being aware of one’s word choices and orientation to a goal is an important element in any process to enable growth and faster improvement for both client and supporters.

The processes of Educational Kinesiology(Brain Gym®) with its focus on ‘intentional language and moving with intention’ support the development of the whole person.

This is now referred to as mastery through deep learning because intentional movement leads to optimal learning and functioning on all levels – physical, emotional, and cognitive.

Janet relies on Jin Shin Jyutsu®, Japanese acupressure, for releasing tensions which are the causes for various symptoms and issues in the body.  Helping clients understand the daily contributions they make for their own healthy function through choices of food, activities, and thinking is critical.  Increased awareness of intentionally making healthful choices invests for better return & more joy-filled living.

Janet has been a practitioner of The Emotion Code® since 2013.  She combines specialized kinesiology and The Emotion Code to address long held stress patterns.

Movement is the essence of life.

JOM is versed in Rhythmic Movement Training and more. According to the Rhythmic Movement Training official website this “is a movement-based, primitive (infant or neo-natal) reflex integration program that uses developmental movements, gently isometric pressure and self awareness to rebuild the foundations necessary to help overcome learning, sensory, emotional, and behavioral challenges for children and adults.”

JOM has been a practitioner and instructor of Rhythmic Movement Training international® for more than ten years. RMTi© is a reflex integration system that uses innate and developmental movement patterns and gentle isometric pressure, with self-awareness for older users, to create or re-pattern the foundational nervous and muscles and connective tissues systems necessary to help reverse challenges in functioning, sensory processing, regulation of emotions & behaviors, or learning for children and adults. RMTi movements have been successfully used to address recovery of function needs with populations demonstrating ‘later age-associated’ challenges.
Bal-A-Vis-X® is a system of fun activities using bean bags or balls that gradually increase a person’s ability to use sensory and muscle systems more efficiently for better physical, emotional and cognitive function. This is achieved by progressing through rhythmically designed exercises that enhance one’s balance, listening and vision processing, and motor planning. This is fun and effective for all clients ~ from young to more seasoned ~ and provides multiple benefits when practiced with friends and family!

All living things move, yet the quality makes all the difference.

Learn how to add more ease and joy into your moves!